About Me

My name is Charles J. Beckmann.  To most everyone I go by CJ.  If you’re curious about what my middle name is I challenge you to guess.  If you’re right I’ll give you a cookie.  If you cheat, I will know.

I began my journey as a writer when I was very young.  In the 4th grade I decided it would be fun to write a story based off of Jurassic Park.  The story contained 6 chapters and was about 25 pages including illustrations by my brother-in-law.  My parents published the book and I distributed them to my classmates at the end of the semester.

Since then I have studied and participated in numerous mediums of both creative and informative writing.  Currently I am working on a fictional novel (which will be much longer than 25 pages) which I hope to have professionally published within the next three years.

In the field of informative writing, I recently took a class at the University of Utah where I became more familiar with the news writing process as well as the AP style of writing. The writing portfolio on this site contains a few samples of my writing which I produced through the process of taking that class.

Enjoy the website and if there is anything you would like to discuss or if you have any feedback to provide please let me know.


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